We offer the TOP sport-specific training in the state with our premier trainers who know how to make elite pros out of ALL athletic experiences. Whether you are a professional athlete trying to make the all-star game, a collegiate athlete getting ready for the draft, or a freshman just trying to make the team, we can improve all aspects of your athleticism and skills to help you meet your goals. Our one-of-a-kind programs customized to your specific position and sport help all players become faster, stronger, more explosive, and better-equipped to take over their games. PRIME Athletic Training & Fitness Institute is the ultimate training facility, offering world-class performance trainers who have coached professionals and Olympic-level athletes. You’ll be training at the same place the professionals do — most of the time, right alongside them!
Elite Athletes 
As a professional or elite athlete, your career can hinge on someone being a hundredth-of-a-second faster than you. So how can you improve your athleticism to gain that split-second edge over the competition? The answer is simple – Our Program.
Our state-of-the-art training facilities are designed to meet the needs of professional and elite athletes. We use proven techniques that have already sent clients off to the pro’s with high draft picks and have turned already professional players to elite performers in their division. We use a wide range of state of the art equipment and take extra care to ensure that our athletes become successful in all aspects of their lives.
Collegiate/High School Athletes
Our experienced trainers know exactly what it takes to take you to the professional level, and we have done it time after time with our intermediate athletes. Don’t want to pay for college? We give you the best shot for full athletic scholarships as we teach the same techniques and attributes that coaches and scouts all over the country look for in a player.
Beginner Athletes 
Just getting started in a sport? Or, is it time to really take things seriously? Our developmental programs not only teach young athletes to become great, they also teach discipline; the proper techniques on lifting, footwork and coordination; and everything else developing athletes needs to progress in their desired sport!

Jamison Crowder

Wide Receiver and Punt Returner for the Washington Redskins
Prime Trainee

Tony Creecy

Former Running Back for the New England Patriots
Prime Trainee

Trevion Thompson

Wide Receiver for the Clemson Tigers
Prime Trainee

Max Povse

Major League Pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
Prime Trainee


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