Prime Vitality

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Burn Fat and Fight Fatigue!

60 capsules ($0.83/ serving)

  • Thermogenic Booster†
  • Decrease feelings of fatigue†
  • Promote positive mood, feelings of vigor and arousal†


To avoid 2 of the top 5 killers in the United States- heart disease and stroke- the American Heart Association strongly recommends that every American gets at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise.  This is the amount to merely keep you alive and does not take into account the several diet and fitness goals that you and hundreds of other PRIME members along with millions of Americans set every year.  In order to each your strength, fat loss or performance goals you need energy, motivation and your body’s cooperation to get there. 

However, energy, motivation and getting your body to cooperate with your goals are all challenged by life’s stressors, seasonal sickness, poor diet, aging, scheduling and the demands of keeping up with family and work.  Perhaps you find the energy to get to the gym, and then muster the motivation to finish your workout, but you could still be missing out on gains because your body is hampered by the other challenges.  How do you know that your body is best primed to get the most out of your hard work? 

PRIME Vitality was formulated by scientists who were faced themselves with this very question.  Therefore, we created Prime Vitality with nature’s very best and safe ingredients that would provide the boost of physical energy, mental determination and bolstered metabolism you need to get even more out of your workouts.†

Be powered by the Energy and Focus Blend that features caffeine, B1 vitamin and PEA.  Caffeine and B1 are well researched for their impact on metabolism and increased energy production. Along with the Thermogenic blend that features the amino acid, L-tyrosine researched for its buffering effects against stress as well as theobromine that works together with PEA as components found naturally in chocolate and are responsible for facilitating production of the ‘happy’ hormone dopamine. Further added to this blend is the antioxidant power of green tea extract.  Lastly, the Metabolic Support blend features synephrine and yohimbine, traditionally used for enhanced metabolism.† 

Altogether, Vitality works to make sure your workout works even better.  Don’t let life’s stressors hamper your ability to reach your goals in the quickest way possible.†




†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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